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Andrea Curry-Demus was obsessed with babies. She was childless, yet she told her Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania friends she had suffered miscarriages and had a baby that died of sudden infant death syndrome. But Demus' obsession turned criminal in May 1990, when she stabbed a woman and tried to steal her newborn. When that failed, she kidnapped a baby from a hospital the very next day.

In January 1991 she was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison for her crimes. She pleaded guilty to kidnapping and concealing the whereabouts of a child. She was also placed on 10 years probation after pleading guilty to aggravated assault.

Demus served seven years of her sentence and was paroled in 1998. She was once again free, but apparently far from cured.

Demus Strikes Again
In July 2008, Demus struck again. With a stolen ultra-sound in hand, Demus told friends and family that she was pregnant. She was so convincing that her mother threw her a baby shower. Now she needed a baby to back up her story.

On July 15, while still on parole, Demus, 38 at the time, befriended 18-year-old Kia Johnson at at the Allegheny County Jail. Johnson was due to give birth on July 30 and was visiting her boyfriend who was also the baby's father. Demus was visiting another inmate. The two met in the waiting area of the jail and began chatting.

Later, while visiting her boyfriend, Johnson told him about meeting a nice lady who offered her free baby clothes and she was glad to be able to get a ride home rather than take the bus. That was the last time Johnson was seen alive.

The Murder of Kia Johnson
Inside Demus' apartment, the unsuspecting Johnson was drugged, bound and her baby was cut from her. She was then wrapped from head to toes in plastic wrap and bags, double wrapped with a comforter and stuffed behind Demus' bed.

Demus then went to her sister's apartment which was across the hall, and told her she had given birth. The baby she carried had the umbilical cord still attached. From there, Demus called the hospital and paramedics took her to West Penn Hospital.

Demus again claimed to have given birth to the newborn, but hospital tests proved otherwise. When confronted with the tests results, Demus explained that she had lost her own baby in June, but did not want to upset her mother so she arranged to buy the baby from a crack head for $1,000. Demus was arrested and the newborn remained at the hospital.

Johnsons' Body is Discovered
On July 18, after receiving complaints of a foul odor coming from Demus' apartment, the police discovered the mutilated body of Kia Johnson. Tests proved that Johnson was the mother of the newborn Demus brought into the hospital. She was charged with criminal homicide, kidnapping and unlawful restraint.

Demus is Found Guilty
On January 25, 2010, Demus was found guilty but mentally ill of second-degree murder and kidnapping. Although she has not been formally sentenced, a second-degree murder conviction carries an automatic sentence of life in prison without parole.

Allegheny County Judge Jeffrey Manning, who decided the case, said he was not satisfied that Demus' psychotic delusions allowed her to form the intent to kill.

The Baby Boy
The baby boy survived the ordeal of being ripped from his mother's womb. It has been reported that he is healthy and living with family members.


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