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Christmas. TV. Advertising. Oh look, they just made a computer game of the Bin Laden assassination raid...,2817,2385051,00.asp

Another triumph of the Vikings for those who really love Spam! Happy Christmas! Of course, in the game, everybody in the compound is armed to the teeth. Bin Laden himself might even be able to wield AK47s double handed and run up walls, being the "boss" and all...

Did they really kill him recently? A certain lack of a dead body suggests to me that something is a little bit dodgy.

Navy Seal team 6, the elite military special forces unit having a very serious helicopter crash the week afterwards, fishy also. Largest single loss of life in the entire Afghanistan campaign? Somebody crashed the chopper. Plausible?

"CBS News correspondent David Martin earlier reported that they were not members of SEAL Team 6, as some reports claimed, he is now reporting that It was Navy SEAL Team 6 but they were not members of bin Laden raid."

Clearly has a strong grip on the facts here. Especially considering that the identities of these elite assassins, much like the UK's SAS, are not publicly available information. Cloaked in the thickest sort of government secrecy. So there's no checking on that one.


Spammedy spam... lovely spam...


Oliver North, central to the BCCI Iran/Contra scandal now has his own TV show on Fox, called "war stories with Oliver North",


Gordon Liddy, one of the Watergate Burglars is now a regular panellist on Fox News, and has his own syndicated radio show.


OK, so Fox seem to have something of a blind spot in their hiring policies of "unbiased journalists".


So it's obvious that one should look up Mr Martin of CBS, and see what sort of journalist we have here reporting on the big news of the noughties...


David C. Martin, the son of a senior official in the Central Intelligence Agency, was born in Washington on 28th July, 1943. Martin graduated from Yale University in 1965.

During the Vietnam War Martin served in the United States Navy. He later covered defence and intelligence matters for Newsweek (1977-83). In 1980 he published Wilderness of Mirrors, a book about the CIA careers of James Jesus Angleton and William Harvey.

In 1983 he was appointed as CBS News's national security correspondent, covering the Pentagon and State Department for CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes and 48 Hours.


So I surf up Martin + CIA. And find Al Martin, seems to be the guy's father, of ill health in 2001, doing an interview about a whistleblowing book, ironically all about Oliver North & Iran/Contra, and his inside track on all that:

with quotes like  "The Carlyle Group, which is Frank Carlucci, and the Blackstone Investment Group are virtually one and the same. Two different names, but they are virtually the same organization," he continues. "All they do is ride the crest of the waves of various frauds from country to country.

... the bottom- feeder investment bankers, would arrive to pick up "distressed assets," defaulted stocks and bonds for pennies on the dollar. "

 "They actually purchase a security, let's say US Treasury Bonds, one security with their own money. They then use that security and hypothecate it ten or twenty times to all different types of transactions. Now that kind of fraud is not particularly hard to commit, particularly if you have a trust company under your control or a trust company that's willing to play ball with you.

"you have to look at the entire Bush Family in this context -- as if the entire family ran a corporation called 'Frauds-R-Us.' Each member of the family, George Sr. , George Jr., Neil, Jeb, Prescott, Wally, etc., have their own specialty of fraud."

  "George Jr.'s specialty was insurance and security fraud. Jeb's specialty was oil and gas fraud. Neil's specialty was real estate fraud. Prescott's specialty was banking fraud. Wally's specialty was securities fraud. And George Bush Sr.'s specialty? All of the above."


But also, more interestingly:

"In my [Office of Naval Intelligence] service career as an active oficer, I was never involved in anything covert," Al continues. "That came later. Also there has never been a whole lot of interagency cooperation. There has never been a truly joint operation between the CIA and ONI. I know people like to say that, but the only people the CIA wouldn't step on to accomplish their aims was ONI. They would easily subvert an FBI or DEA investigation, but never ONI, because they were frightened of them.

    In his book, Al writes that contrary to popular belief, ONI is the most powerful US intelligence agency.

    "The ONI already had a deep existing covert illegal structure. They had a mechanism before the CIA even existed. They had contacts in foreign intelligence services and in foreign governments that the CIA never could have hoped to obtain."

    "Also ONI controlled its own assets, which the CIA had to build from scratch later on. The CIA can't control any of its own assets domestically because it's against the law for it to do so, thus the ONI is obviously in a superior position. For instance, you don't see an airfield that says 'Owned by the CIA' on it in the United States. The ONI doesnt have any such restrictions because it's part of the US Navy."

    "ONI is where the real deep control is. It's where the real deep secrets are kept. That was what ONI always did the best. Keeping secrets. Accumulating secrets. Warehousing secrets for the purposes of control."

The principals of the ONI faction are "people that you wouldnt know. Admiral Anderson. Admiral Garrett. Their power comes from the fact that they're not known. Their names wouldn't really mean anything, therefore, they can act in such a behind-the-scenes fashion -- much more than the CIA. It's because of their established structure. They're very deep in old contacts. They've simply been around longer than the CIA. They are able to blend overt and covert operations in the same breath because they are essentially not a covert agency like the CIA. It allows them great cover to operate in the open."


And so... CIA are not top of the tree. There's some more walnut-panelled military power brokers who aren't prohibited from running operations in the USA. These guys aren't post WW2, they're pre-WW1. Oldschool colonial.

Are they Bush-connected?

of course the next thing you idly stick into google is...

ONI + 9/11


And what do you find?

The 'lunatic outpost'. Madmen or just moonlighters? Who knows...

let's 'av a look then.


Delmart Vreeland, the man who claimed to be an ONI agent and tried to warn Canadian officials about 9/11 in August 2001 is now serving over 300 years for child porn.

background from wiki:

Delmart "Mike" Vreeland (born March 20, 1966), near Grosse Pointe, Michigan, is known for his highly controversial claim of discovering the September 11, 2001 attacks and notifying authorities.

Vreeland claimed to be a specialist in Russian intelligence for the Office of Naval Intelligence was arrested in Toronto on December 6, 2000 for credit card fraud, a charge later dismissed after it came to light that the credit card involved was his own.[citation needed]

While in jail, he claims that on several occasions he attempted to warn the Canadian government, through his jailers, of an impending attack on the United States, including specifics about the World Trade Center and Osama bin Laden. He also claims that after several months he had two pens smuggled in which used different ink than allowed in jail, and he wrote out his warning note on either August 11, or August 12, 2001. The Canadian government has since admitted that the pens used in the creation of this note, as well as the paper it was written on, were confiscated before the attacks, but was not opened until September 14, 2001 two days after the attacks. [2]

Among the targets detailed in the letter were the Sears Tower, the World Trade Center the White House and The Pentagon followed by the phrase "Let one happen. Stop the rest!!!" The U.S. government claims that Vreeland was a criminal and had been discharged from the Navy in 1986 after a few months of substandard performance, but when forced to submit his performance records in Vreeland's subsequent extradition hearings, they provided a 1,200 page document, heavily altered and redacted, with dates of his Navy physical testing as recent as 1998.

During the trial, Vreeland also called the Pentagon switchboard from the stand which confirmed his rank of Lieutenant, confirmed his office number, and put him in contact with his own voice-mail, despite his ostensible lack of employ in the United States Defense Forces.

Vreeland was later accused of being a con artist and was arrested in the U.S. in 2004. According to an article by Mike Martindale in the November 4, 2004 Detroit News, "Police have been chasing him for years. Vreeland, now 38, has been arrested 29 times since 1984 and was on the Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard's Most Wanted list for more than four years....Vreeland, who has often conned police into releasing him in the past, tried to pass himself off as an international U.S. spy who has smuggled documents out of Moscow for the Navy and CIA."

I became interested in his story in 2004, and (to make a long story short) found (as an attorney) an employment document of his that was either misfiled or forgotten.

He DID work for the Office of Naval Intelligence! And his termination date was the date he was arrested after arriving in Canada from Russia.

Why should you care one way or the other? Not because the pentagon lied, we expect that...but because of who Vreeland said had informed him about the coming attacks...Russian Intelligence.

Essentially Vreeland's story, as a US intelligence insider, is that the war against terrorism has been deliberately engineered from within the US to serve hidden agendas. When Vreeland is asked the question: "Is the war on terrorism about something other than what the people of the world are being told?", his answer is simple: "What war on terrorism?"

The degree to which senior political or military officials may be implicated is not yet clear, as Vreeland has refused to comment on this area on the advice of his lawyers. He does, however, claim that there was complete intelligence agency penetration of the culprit terrorist cells prior to Sept 11. Even more ominously he indicates that the terrorists themselves may not have been aware of who was running the cells.

Excerpts from a Vreeland interview some may find interesting:

6. When did you first learn details of the attacks that were to happen on Sept. 11?

Vreeland: In the first week of December 2000.

7. How did you learn of the details?

Vreeland: One document was written in English by a U.S. agent, who had picked up a copy of a document that had been sent to V. Putin by K. Hussein, Saddam Hussein's son. This is what the translation of the doc indicates. The Iraqis knew in June 2000 that I was coming. I didn't get my orders until August. The letter said that Bastien and Vreeland would be dealt with "in a manner suitable to us." The letter specifically stated on page two, "Our American official guarantees this."

24. Was working with organized crime families a part of your duties with the Navy?

Vreeland: Yes.

25. Were any of the organized crime families in Michigan?

Vreeland: Yes.

26. For what reason were you working with organized crime?

Vreeland: I was under orders to do so 90 percent of the time. Organized crime supplies the weapons and drugs that go to the people we investigate.


In 2008, Vreeland was sentenced in Colorado to 336 years to life in prison after he was convicted of inducement of child prostitution, sexual assault, sexual exploitation of children and distribution of cocaine following his luring of two boys to perform sexual acts on-camera in exchange for cocaine, money and the promise of a drum kit.


Happy Christmas? Great.


OK, next up...

911 Staged to Derail ONI Investigation of Nazi Plunder

This article provides research into the early claims by Dick Eastman, Tom Flocco, V.K. Durham and Karl Schwarz that the September11th attacks were meant as a cover-up for financial crimes being investigated by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), whose offices in the Pentagon were destroyed on September 11th.1 After six years of research, this report presents corroborating evidence which supports their claims, and proposes a new rationale for the September 11th attacks.

In doing so, many of the anomalies – or inconvenient facts surrounding this event – take on a meaning that is consistent with the claims of Eastman et al. The hypothesis of this report is: the attacks of September 11th were intended to cover-up the clearing of $240 billion dollars in securities covertly created in September 1991 to fund a covert economic war against the Soviet Union, during which ‘unknown’ western investors bought up much of the Soviet industry, with a focus on oil and gas. The attacks of September 11th also served to derail multiple Federal investigations away from crimes associated with the 1991 covert operation.




41% of the fatalities in the Twin Towers came from two companies that managed U.S. government securities:

Cantor Fitzgerald and Eurobrokers. 31% of the 125 fatalities in the Pentagon were from the Naval Command Center that housed the Office of Naval Intelligence. 39 of 40 Office of Naval Intelligence employees died. In the vaults beneath the World Trade Center Towers, any certificates for bonds were destroyed.


Might well be that there's a covert war going on inside the US government between different militarised factions. Sort of like gang wars...

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