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David Cameron's spam-can asked me on Facebook what I thought about IMMIGRATION POLICY

Oh go on then.

I think that since about 1500 european powers have been invading the hell out of the planet and economically monopolising everything of any worth.

The main opposition that people have to immigration is that the people arriving in the UK are generally poor and badly educated, undercutting manual labour and skilled labour workers by working illegally, usually in exploitative conditions.

The reality is that these people are generally economic refugees from the current legacy conditions of centuries of abuse at the hands of a decadent european aristocracy, which if seen as a permeable society today makes up an extended family or tribe of over a hundred thousand billionaire-class individuals who simply are not found hanging out in slavery markets in Bangladesh.

There is a profound, even absurd distance, incomprehensible to the majority, between the poverty and deprivation which has been engineered for centuries overseas and the peculiar economic conditions and rhetorical tabloid machinations about "immigration policy" experienced by people in the UK.

Fact is, a lot of our immigration internment camps are already not far off concentration camps. Some places, such as Gaza are international-scale ghettos, one could even argue they are death camps. Some countries are economic silos of hand to mouth labour camps, our financial companies and tax havens are specialists in these countries, our wealth is traded on these human assets: special economic zones, containing factory towns approaching the size of the Isle of Man. In China there is no freedom of movement, and if you look in the shops in the UK, where is it made?

Of course people want to seek refuge in the UK and experience civil rights, health and safety at work, a social welfare system, public transport, an honest police force and judicial system, public infrastructure, buildings built to regulations, egalitarian employment, access to education etc. They typically have no such things where they come from. If people can't move about and trade, then the deprived places they come from will not have the benefit of these people returning, or these people's children returning to start companies, educate people, or go into government.

I met one guy who genuinely walked across the Sahara. I frankly felt that hearing his story I owed him considerable welcome.

People in the past have moved around, this is what people do. It is only a problem when there is a drastic disparity in the quality of life from place to place that you will get a huge movement of refugees from one place to another, but that problem is not solved by sealing the border and preventing the poor escaping torture. The solution is to get the quality of life issues solved, strongly related to centuries of abusive exploitation, which by rights should already have been addressed firmly and will take decades at the minimum. It seems that modern life is proprietary and exclusive in its design, which is poor design.

Nowhere is looking great right now, but there's a lot of places worse than the UK.

The UK is not looking productive for me, I'm frankly looking at the possibility of leaving and becoming an "immigrant" somewhere without the crushing overheads, obsession with money and high-stress culture.

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