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good ad, shit product

When I was a kid, I remember wanting things I'd seen on TV. This moment of luminous clashing vision, ecstacy compressed into 15 seconds of heaven. Either a toy, or some programme, or something. Almost without exception when I actually got the thing, it turned out to be pretty shoddy. The only thing of value was the advert. Unfortunately, the advert's power lay in the anticipation of something real. Advertising is doomed to disappoint. It's like... It's like...

These days my…


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Why is it that we see a musician playing music on the street in this babylonian city, and we assume that he's a beggar. As though playing music for free in public were an admission of poverty.

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I know this girl who was born in the womens' tabloids. Hello doesn't even mean the same there. Everything is a face value judgement. Sleaze scum money drugs violence betrayal and true true love with a fence and roses. In that world of dogma I can only argue or bite my tongue. I wished she would follow me to a balanced word. To somewhere less naively polarized, to the place where truth is sacrosanct. Somewhere polite. What do you mean polite? What the hell do you mean! I'll tell you what I mean.… Continue

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rats in the local corner shop

I live off Westbourne Grove, near Notting Hill, and there's this block of new shops and designer luxury flats, which replaces a nearly identical set of ramshackle victorian offerings. They used to contain various enterprises such as a 24 hour shop which never used to have a lock on the door, a dodgy greasy spoon cafe which nobody seemed to go in or out of, and yellowing handwritten special offers on the window. Chips and beans, £1.50 etc. A tiny pawnbrokers, and a newsagent, that sort of thing.… Continue

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Six Degrees of Separation

You know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. The law of six degrees of separation, which is that everybody in the world, no matter how much of an apparent stranger knows somebody who in five more steps knows that stranger. Myspace (ed-read: social networking utilities) could actually look at that and figure out if it's true...

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Yo, multimedia, bitch. Language reflects people's actions, and I was thinking that these days email is both a verb and a noun. It's as much about the action as it is about the content, after all talking is most often a verb. Perhaps Myspace will become one, too, since it involves mostly action and rather sadly as I've observed, surprisingly little content. If it does become a verb, then you have been myspacing, or you can myspace somebody, or person might be considered to have become a little… Continue

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