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December 2012 Blog Posts (3)


Christmas. TV. Advertising. Oh look, they just made a computer game of the Bin Laden assassination raid...,2817,2385051,00.asp

Another triumph of the Vikings for those who really love Spam! Happy Christmas! Of course, in the game, everybody in the compound is armed to the teeth. Bin Laden himself might even be able to wield AK47s…


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GCHQ are hiring

CT Research

The world is changing. Fast. Every day brings new technological advances. New ways to communicate that offer greater potential to share information - and potentially pose a greater threat. So we constantly need to be aware of emerging technologies, of how we can use them to our advantage, and how to protect the UK from the risks they could pose.

Carrying out pioneering research across a wide range of technologies, our teams work to develop innovative techniques…


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Fritz Haber

Late 19th century and early 20th Century Germany in a single career.

This guy contains as much imporant history as any household name.

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