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December 2009 Blog Posts (35)

a simple measure

while planes & automobiles are wondrous civilian activities, the traditional method of commercial transport prevails. Ships. They float.

In the colonial period the largest ships were heavily militarised cargo ships, steam power supercharged it.

These days although warships are the size of a small town, they are dwarfed by commercial vessels. Oil tankers go hand in hand with massive.

Spot the galleon.

The… Continue

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the black knight

A black knight is a soldier or knight who either is not bound to a specific liege or does not want his liege, or himself, to be identified and so does not bear any heraldic standards or has blackened them out.

Since heraldic standards were carefully regulated by one official body or other (such as the British College of Arms), a fighting man who had not obtained a standard (through inheritance or endowment by a liege) would have no colors or devices to represent him. These would-be… Continue

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more on ig farben

there's this book, sure it's got a bias, but it's got full references.

this chapter is particularly edifying

The most interesting parts are as follows:

footnote 8

Prince Bernhard of the netherlands is today better known for his role as chairman of the… Continue

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A perpetuity is an annuity in which the periodic payments begin on a fixed date and continue indefinitely. It is sometimes referred to as a perpetual annuity. Fixed coupon payments on permanently invested (irredeemable) sums of money are prime examples of perpetuities. Scholarships paid perpetually from an endowment fit the definition of perpetuity.


the engineering of financial perpetuity is the ultimate goal of corporate business.

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medieval finance

To find the original systems of public borrowing, one must begin with the contentious policies of Venice, Florence, and other Italian city states in basing their finances on forced loans, which did pay interest, and thus with the usury controversies that erupted, over not just such loans, but the sale of interest-bearing debt certificates in secondary markets.

The alternative solution, found elsewhere – first in northern French towns from the 1220s, one that would govern European… Continue

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I've been having considerable trouble lately with paypal. Lots of automated emails, things not working, extra charges, and a general attitude of "fuck off, give us more money" much like what I've experienced from my high street corporate bank.

Through jumping through the various hoops to get it possible for me to pay for stuff via paypal... I've discovered that unlike when I first set up paypal, now that my bank account has been reinstated on their books...

My payments…


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fast hand

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extraterrestrial life

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the turning point

King James published the bible in English.

The time of Shakespeare.

Guy Fawkes tries to blow up parliament.

Oliver Cromwell holds a public uprising & kills the king.

Oliver Cromwell does some good, britain becomes a republic & creates parliament as we know it today, but sadly doesn't quite make it work out, and the royalists campaign for the restoration of the monarchy.

A scottish king is found in France.

parliament is… Continue

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the nugget

simple misconceptions of doom:

(commonly held beliefs which excuse a certain ethical neglect in peoples' actions)

#1: most people on planet earth are vulgar (to the point of being animals/vegetables) ergo elitism/profiteering/scamming.

- ways to spot pro-vulgar presence in media/marketing: large spam doses, lying by omission, style over substance, assumed popularism.

#2: the potential for human control is limitless and potentially more enjoyable ergo luxury… Continue

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it's a party

Traditionally people get together for a party at certain times, they do certain things, they put on a thinking cap to suit. All the world's a stage etc.

Christmas is a good example of this. Everybody does christmas party.

The power of party is strong. Gang, scene, crowd. The nature of the individual is easily subjugated to the power of party. A crowd is louder than a single voice, in a crowd or riot there is no individual to hold responsible. The traditional mafia crime… Continue

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Christmas 09 Nº1 single: Killing in the name of

Killing in the Name of I just found out won by selling half a million copies in a record 100% downloads to sell 50,000 £1 repeat downloads over some X factor crap which everybody by now knows not to listen to for fear of your brain freezing over & imploding violently under the pressure of vacuum.

Even though you could bit torrent it, too.

That actually rules. Haha. Rage Against the Machine for christmas, what a pleasant surprise.

But wait...

Both… Continue

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proof that the noughties suck

Andy Wallace. Producer of best selling hardcore rock albums.

Watch what happens to his career the *moment* it hits 2000.


Slayer – Reign in Blood (1986) e/m < sounds a bit shoddy, but still, utterly ruling.

The Cult - Electric (1987) e/m

Slayer - South of Heaven (1988) e/m < sounds way better

New Model Army - Thunder and Consolation (1989)… Continue

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the right material for a bike frame

SLS - selective laser sintering

space… Continue

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stick-on probe

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moody diagram and friction

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rubber metal squishing

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the real shape of a falling water droplet

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basically the design of a stepper motor is an inside out hammond organ.

With the hammond organ a magnetic stator spins at a mechanically controlled rate, which is picked up with an electromagnet and you get an electronic oscillation.

With a stepper motor, the electromagnet takes in an electrical oscillation, and magnetically moves the magnetic stator wheel.

Stepper motors can therefore work as an electronic -> acoustic transducer:…


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robot mouse maze

we have a… Continue

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