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August 2011 Blog Posts (6)


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status update on facebook:–

run-up to notting hill carnival:


"ANY ONE KMOW WHERE I CAN BUY A MEGAPHONE, am in oxford circus tried sports direct and Argos"

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Apple's new boss

Tim Cook. Will he have a creative leadership style?


I think not. Here's his history:–


VP at Compaq for Corporate Materials.

Chief operating officer (COO) of the computer reseller division of Intelligent Electronics.

Spent 12 years in IBM's personal computer business as the director of North American Fulfillment

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Context this tinned hypertext labyrinth, and the CIA's misdemeanors

All of the crap on this blog is basically SPAM.


It's minced stuff mixed with crap, poor quality, sausagemeat. Ears, eyes, tail. It comes in easy-open packaging. It's not natural, it's a byproduct of urban civilisation. Chicken feed scrounged from the labyrinth of the interweb.


A reader might think that I'm hard on the CIA. On the USA. That I've got a bias. That I'm anti-american.


It's not the case. What I'm interested in is the technology and…


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quite a lof of them.

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The internet & politics

Disinformation (a translation of the Russian word dezinformatsiya) is false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately with intentions of turning genuine information useless. For this reason, it is synonymous with and sometimes called …


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