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June 2010 Blog Posts (18)

camouflage & visibility

People often like to hide themselves. They'll dress up as something else. You may see something, but did you see them?

How many people have the guts to turn up as who they are? Naked? How many people have the faculties to work out what they look like? We're shape shifters, perhaps it's all camouflage to hide and symbolic reference to other things to speak out, like the butterfly wing eyes. Perhaps modern people have accents but no language words of their own when it comes to how they… Continue

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more right & left wing fallacies.

We had a weird idea which is still disliked in places like the USA. Ideas about public good and public investment, ideas like public access to resources such as education.

Not to mention a legal system which applies equally to all people regardless of financial position.

Grumbling magnate shaped pamphlets coming from a think tank near you "Ridiculous, a childish sense of "fair" don't you know it's dog eat dog? feeding dogs makes them weak and…

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polycarbonate plastic


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Yet another fine mess

In his book State of War, author and intelligence correspondent for The New York Times, James Risen claims that the CIA chose a defected Russian nuclear scientist to provide deliberately flawed nuclear warhead blueprints to Iranian officials in February 2000. Operation Merlin backfired when the nervous Russian scientist noticed the flaws and pointed them out to the Iranians,… Continue

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murdoch n00bing around again

There are plenty of reasons for being worried about Rupert (especially if you're a rival or tremble in the shade of his bank balance). There's an obvious risk he could use the full weight of Sky TV revenues – once he's purchased them for £8bn plus – to make life even more… Continue

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cold stone

Is your favorite Strawberry Ice Cream with Snickers® and Gummi Bears? Or do you crave Cotton Candy Ice Cream with banana? Not a problem. After all, Cold Stone is in the business of making people happy. Our ice cream philosophy is "yes," "of course" and "coming right up."…


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breaking records Scots style

Everybody remembers Chris Boardman with the crazy carbon Lotus bike designed in a wind tunnel.

Not so many people remember the rival who beat him, using a bike he made in his garage on the dole.


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Alice city, not high-rise, but low-drop

Totally underground, totally self contained. Cost a few billion to build, but tokyo has the most exorbitant land prices in the world. The concept is alice in wonderland down the rabbit hole, so much to do so little time.



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List of human habitation forms


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Comment on the latest UK headlines

Whether you read the american media or the british media, the story, statistics, quotes and general line is *verbatim* wherever one finds it. This copy comes off the internet bullshit emitter known as "bnet", a charming source of classic wal-mart tinged management pschobabble and commercial soullessness. You'll find the same article seemingly word for word on the front of main papers. Somebody has been emailing out press…

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Dark days

USA thinktank reaches verdict of "serve you right, stupid lefties" while destitute working class chinese jump off towerblocks to be skewered on mickey mouse's fiberglass tail, and lucrative state borrowing jumps to a whole new level. David Cameron's grandad would be proud.

"welfare state FAILS". Yeah. Get down you stupid euros. Get down and stay down, this is the new world order, not the old world order, or the new old world order.…


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art & installs

The value of art is not the physical manifestation or utilitarian function, it is the human content, the subjective experience and resulting impression carried away with the audience. Art should embed something into your consciousness which you can take away, be it question or answer. This is a matter of considerable responsibility, since art moves the subjective itself, manipulating vision, it can do some very bad things, it can have terrible consequences. It can move people in terrible… Continue

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the crusades

"we have just enough religion to hate, but not enough to love one another"

– jonathan swift

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a sentence about VAT

A business that buys and sells goods charges VAT to those to whom it sells ('output tax'), and is charged VAT by those from whom it purchases ('input tax'). It can reclaim (subject to various rules) the VAT it pays, and so passes to the Government the net VAT it collects (being output tax less input tax). In this way, a business acts as a tax collector on behalf of the Government.

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seriously bizarre movie

"can dialectics break bricks"

I have no fuckin' idea, but I find this very… Continue

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the late 60s in france... the artists vs the state

These days it's not really known about. It's Europe's Tianenmen square, only on a much larger…

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