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April 2012 Blog Posts (6)

Anti-Atheist, Anti-Communist Infomercial

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obvious internet joke

The XXX factor, where aspiring whores appear before a panel to get fucked over in public.

for real. Auditions in South Africa, one of the famous world capitals of unethical exploitation and low moral standards.

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The Great Renaming

The Great Renaming was a restructuring of Usenet newsgroups that took place in 1987.

The primary reason for the Great Renaming was said to be the difficulty of maintaining a list of all the existing groups.

An alternative, more pragmatic explanation was that European networks refused to pay for some of the…


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Art installation

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Mohammed was a merchant

So Islam is interested in economics.

The Shard London Bridge project is being financed by Sharia-compliant investment which forbids earning money through interest payments, there are certain conditions on which kinds of businesses are permitted to become tenants of the finished building. Most banks and companies connected to either the gambling or alcoholic drinks…


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L Peter Deutsch

He's possibly the most legit computer science person to have existed so far. Ironically he doesn't use computers these days, he's become a musician.

A prodigy, L Peter Deutsch started programming in the late ’50s, at age 11, when his father brought home a memo about the programming of design calculations for the Cambridge Electron Accelerator at Harvard. He was soon hanging out at MIT, implementing Lisp on a PDP-1, and hacking on and…


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