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April 2010 Blog Posts (7)

the ROT

Redundant - Outdated or - Trivial


Nothing is worse than finding the same (useless/broken) digital asset in over a zillion places in one system, it devalues the original and is a headache to seek out and destroy all existing versions. Nothing…

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cannondale bought out & production moved to taiwan

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technical support at the genius™ bar

******************************************************* TICKET #2402-811        *CLOSED*        2010-02-24 *******************************************************

* *

* ASSIGNED : n/a …

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more from webcameron saying "never voted tory before? it's eeeasy!"

And the resulting youtube comment mauling:

Plainsofcement there is nothing any memeber of the conservative party could say that would make me vote for them.

MargotVoguey What absoLUTE utter bullshit, you silly man. I can't BELIEVE you have the nerve to patronise your country like this and expect them to swallow your crap.

Thank God there's…

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an elite british soldier who wasn't into illegal/immoral criminal activities

Benjamin Griffin (born 1977) is a former…


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as used by military interrogators

While this is all very interesting and certainly of use for psyschiatrists and detectives... could get a bit spanish inquisition.

Look the wrong way while not even answering a question...

you're guilty?

But what if the person knows about these movements? Very easy to red…

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the south bronx

Hip hop culture was born here.

We have to thank them for block parties, hiphop, breakdance, graf, now spread and emulated the world over. In the anarchy and breakdown of commerce, artists and culture thrived.

Here's a portrait of the cradle. It was the 1970s. Inner cities all over the United States were disintegrating and no one could agree about what was happening. One of the worst hit areas was the South Bronx which was being burnt down at a staggering rate. During this… Continue

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